General Services

  • Helps newcomers` to design Russian business
  • Realizes sales on the basis of existing contacts
  • Setting up Russian start- up: Legal entity, recruiting  core team and sales team, accounting
  • Lead creation to sales management, Web marketing in Russian. CRM to follow local sales activities
  • Manages newcomers` Russian Legal entity

Business Facilitation

  • Market research. Real market data on the basis of current import, production and sales statistics
  • Product offering :  Finds out “what is needed” and helps to  launch product portfolio addressing Russian market
  • Penetration strategy
  • Sales kick off
  • Brand promotion
  • Web marketing and PR
  • Exhibition management

Legal Permissions and Certificates

  • Removing trade barriers:  Obtaining GOST, OTTS,   licenses, quotas and other official documents necessary for import and sales in RF
  • Import by ADEMO or your own legal entity
  • Work permissions  and legal aspect of HR management
  • Inbound logistics to Russia
  • Sales, purchase and rent contacts. Legal services

“Sell in Rubles in Moscow”

  • Offering products&services  ex- Russia in Rubles by a Russian company is a very effective sales instrument.  ADEMO enables you to use it immediately!
  • Your customers to do not need to think about risks and processes related to import or customs . You sell and deliver in Russia
  • Sales in Russia is more value added. Opportunity to make more profıt.
  • Local stock and distribution services

Safe return of your earnings

  • ADEMO operates under direct export-import contracts registered in A class banks.
  • Payment of all invoices  are  done 100% legally through currency control regime directly to Sellers` accounts
  • ADEMO can set up a safe, legal and sustainable import structure for your legal entity